Sean Drain

Sean Drain is the Founder of The Past Restored LLC, and handles the day-to-day operations including digitization operations, marketing, and financial decisions. Sean Drain holds an A.A. in Public History from Pensacola State College. Mr. Drain has 15 years of experience with digital technologies including digitizing and archiving historical artifacts through a grant with a virtual museum in Florida. Through his interest in history and genealogy, Sean has a great appreciation for the preservation of historical documents. While searching for documents on his ancestors, he discovered that many of these documents were lost in fires; those that remain are not digitized and easily searchable online. This reinforced the idea that public documents desperately need to be digitized, preserved and shared.

Reviving history one scan at a time

About us

The Past Restored offers digitization services by utilizing the latest in lightweight mobile professional grade scanners to convert books, documents, photos, photo albums, slides, and negatives to digital documents and images. 

What sets us apart is the ability to give customers personalized service and the attention to details that larger companies are not able to provide. We are a niche business, serving government and historical groups as well as individual customers that are history and preservation minded with an emphasis on those engaged in genealogy. 

Our equipment offers a non-destructive alternative by using overhead scanners. Using lightweight equipment allows for mobility, to bring the equipment to the workplace when privacy or security concerns or the delicate nature of a project warrant it. 

Finished products are provided to customers on flash drives or, for larger projects, external hard drives. For individual customers wishing to share photos with friends and family, photos can be uploaded to a personal account created on Flickr.

Sean Drain, Founder


Our mission is to provide a local source for digitizing historical documents and to preserve them in the least destructive way possible.


Our vision is to become the leading source of digitize historical documents and photos for local governments and organizations in the State of Ohio.


Clients bring their own personal history and memories to be restored and deserve to receive personal care and attention. We strive to exceed customer expectations through consistent and uncompromising quality and timely service.

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